Roll formed Steel Profiles

  • Infissi manufactures Roll Formed Steel Profiles for reinforcing uPVC doors and windows.
  • Roll Formed Steel Profiles are available form 1 mm to 2 mm thickness.
  • A variety of section shapes are available, including, Channel, L and Box Sections, and a number of other special shapes.
  • In our Roll Forming Machine Line, a Special Shearing method, different from the conventional travelling saw cutting method, enables an output of totally burr free profiles.
  • Thanks to a huge installed Rolling Capacity of 30,000 MTPA, and a customer centric approach, Infissi is able to offer very short or minimal delivery periods.
  • Infissi stocks a large variety of commonly used Roll Formed Steel Profiles, and, products moving on a regular basis may also be available ex-stock.

Benefits of Automated Cold Roll Forming

  • It is extremely accurate
  • It gives consistent shapes
  • Versatility with high standards in terms of quality, reliability and precision
  • Saves time. Keeps your production process going
  • Improves stress distribution in metal
  • Easily transforms material into required profile section, shape and size
  • Is highly cost effective